Friday, May 27, 2016

Where to start...

First off it's 82 degrees and sunny ! Now I have energy after a month of rain.

Anyway I just took a camera break after 4 hours of digging, moving blocks and redoing some of them. So here we go.

                                              First some Garden Accents

You can see the new short garden dog deterring fence here.



Second some flowers and other stuff.


These are garlic scapes used for salads, sauces and sautés. The are similar to chives but have a garlic onion flavor. Haven't had any before so it should be interesting.



Third but not least

 is my project of doggie proofing my garden beds. Also since they made their own path through my perennials in 2 sections of the beds...well I gave up and made them a runway. Plus I'm working on putting in short border fencing to deter them from walking into all the beds.



This is one of two that goes behind all the trees, shrubs and beds in one large section. Nothing can grow back there because it's so dark so they have 50 feet of clear running space along the fence. Also it's where they like to hide.

This one allows Miss Kai to view the other side of the yard through a tall wire fence where my husband grows a variety of veggies but mostly Heirloom tomatoes.


You can see how well the short fence works. HA



Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Still slowly working on redoing my back beds. A month of rain didn't  help much. Anyway here's something different to look at near home.


Creative Playroom
Wordless Wednesday-well almost