Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Done !

First many thanks to a very talented dear friend Patti  who created my new header.

Just mentioned I'd like to have a new fun header and she DID it ! It's awesome.

Wonder why the garden gnomes look familiar to me :)



Before the work started.

You're right , it's been neglected. Some plants had to be removed due to my bad habit of over crowding.

                                                                    And so it begins.                                                              

Some pruning has already started here plus a crazy idea of how to use the old and new blocks to raise the border.

Some of this pile is from the driveway area. Hoping never to use a chainsaw in the front again.



                                                                       Much better.

Invasive Ivy mostly pulled out or buried with some spring bulbs under thick plastic. Also removal and relocation of  fast and large growing plants had to go. The white cement block on the lawn side will be hidden when temps are cool enough to lay down sod.


                                                    This is one of my odd projects


                                                          Can you see what I'm doing ?

Beds are covered with 6mm plastic to stop those weeds. But I'd like some annuals for color every summer, so containing them is my answer. Think more mulch is needed.


                             Looking much better and should have few (if any) weeds.

What remains in the large bed are first the shrubs/trees. Nellie Stevens Holly, Schipkaensis Laurel, Crape Myrtle (Whit III Rhapsody in Pink), Wax Privets and a Barberry shrub.

Now learning to do less are the plants which have been dug up divided and moved. Montauk Daises, Autumn Joy Sedum,Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Grass plus unknown Hosta.

        This is not the time of year to be doing any transplanting BUT it's now or never.

                 Think it's pretty much care-free now. Well, will have to do some yearly pruning.

Had to put some color in the mostly sunken new planters. So did pick up a few mums plus moved from the backyard Begonias and a Geranium.




                                            Can't forget my babies.  It's bath time !


The season for Heirloom tomatoes is now over. But thanks to hubby we still have lots to enjoy.  Can't stop eating them !                          


Friday, August 19, 2016