Thursday, April 25, 2019

It likes SUN !

They call it Epimediums, like I'm gonna remember that.

     I like Barrenwort or Bishop's Hat.


This plant is said to like shade but barely stayed alive in part shade.Moving it years ago where it gets 3 hours full sun has cause it to multiply 10 fold.

It is native to deciduous woodland areas of Japan, Korea and Manchuria.  Love the tiny flowers in the spring and the foliage lasts well into winter. 

Oh, the little things that make you happy.



  1. And this is a gorgeous Epimedium. I am glad you found its happy place.

  2. Oh those flowers are magic! Like a theatrical costume.

    (Cape Town has a kind mediterranean climate)

  3. Hey there Pats .. I won't go on and on about how far ahead of me you are .. I have epimedium as well, not this particular one which is really pretty .. but no one is showing anything off at the moment (we are supposed to get mixed snow and rain today .. ugh !) ... but I will keep that in mind about some sun, which some of mine do get but didn't get the memo about multiplying faster .. yet ? LOL
    Great pictures of such a pretty plant !


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