Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring Snow ?

A little snow is no big deal in March, but it is Spring right?
It started out slow and we didn't expect much at first.

It didn't stop until 11:30 last night.
Now this is just CrAzY !!!
Haven't surveyed the damage yet.



Some blooms before the snow .Spring was starting to show her colors.



Believe it or not, this girl did not want to come in.
She kept running around like a maniac.


  1. Oh, that depth of snow is a bit extreme for supposed to be spring!!

  2. Oh, so you’ve been getting that spring snow! No thanks. It’s chilly here, but we’ve mostly avoided snow.

  3. Patsi girl you weren't alone .. most of ours is gone again but it also CAN happen again with our forecasts. The patio renovation started in one of the worst storms last Wednesday .. rain, snow, hail and extreme winds .. I wonder what kind of omen that means ? haha
    That is too cute the little lady enjoyed the snow so much .. at least some one does ?
    Hang in there girl .. Spring has to happen some time right ?


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