Monday, February 5, 2018

In A Vase Monday-plus2

Meme hosted by Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden

Peach roses are my favorite and adding tiny red carnations may seem like an odd combination but I like it. The vase is an old glass container that was spray painted gold.  The  decorative tray along side the flowers  is about 8 years old and was made by a very talented lady named Donna . Pretty as it may be, it now serves as a perfect place for this tattered angle ( that has been hanging around forever) and flowers. Flowers this time of year are coming from "Produce Junction", a store which has a large diverse selection of produce, vegetables, potted plants and fresh flowers.

For the kitchen-yellow mums husband brought home plus some of the extra carnations .
Vase was hand made and purchased  in Sedona, always liked blue.

Kinda stuck on carnations since they last at least one week .

Mr. Henry our youngest of two brats

Been playing around drawing images of a variety of subjects. Some on paper and some using "paint" on the computer or both. This girl, maybe it's me , has something to say ... what exactly ?  No Clue.


  1. Amazing how plonking lovely flowers in vases brings out our creative side....enjoyed the flowers and color combo as well as your creative play!

  2. Beautiful flowers to warm the winter blues! Love the combination of peach roses and red carnations. Mr. Henry is adorable!

  3. What bright vases you have to share today, Patsi :)

  4. I wouldn't have thought peach roses and red carnations would go together but you made it work! The blue vase is lovely too and Mr. Henry is downright adorable. Is he looking at you like that because he expects you to drop what you're doing and play?

  5. As pretty as your arrangements are, I think Henry is stealing the show, lol!

  6. All the arrangements are lovely, but my favorite is the one in the Sedona vase. But Mr. Henry gets my vote for absolutely adorable!

  7. SUCH an endearing expression in Henry's eyes!

  8. You’re so good about keeping flowers in vases. I tend to forget about doing that. If you like flowers that last forever in a vase, try alstroemerias.


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