Monday, January 29, 2018

In A Vase Monday-a mix

Meme hosted by Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden

Bringing  some life into our home from my garden . Did I say my garden I meant  "Produce Junction" where they have tons of fresh cut flowers all year. Oh, the cost $2.50 for a large bunch of flowers to $6.00 for a dozen large roses...L O V E this place.  Hoping maybe to save seeds from these sunflowers if possible.

Carnations for the dinner table.
I've seen this cluster of flowers in a low planter before but usually done with roses.


Last September

 This is Miss Kai who had to be dragged into the house numerous times this winter. She loves snow !


  1. Patsi how nice to find your blog...Cathy's vase meme brings so many of us together. I am in NY state up in the center of the state where we have quite a no outside blooms here either. Love the flowers you found at the store...what a bargain for so many....they really warmed me to see sunflowers and I especially love the low vase...really lovely! Stay warm as winter continues but seeing your zone, you will warm long before me.

  2. Oh look at those sunflowers, Patsi - where will these have been grown? What a splash of colour they make, as do your bright red carnations of course. Thanks for sharing

  3. Miss Kai is so cute with her muzzle covered in snow! Her photo made me wonder how my cat would react to snow. Probably the same way I would: with utter shock and disbelief. The sunflowers are very cheerful - I would have grabbed some too!

  4. Patsi girl how can anyone NOT smile at sunflowers ! They are so darn cheerful aren't they ?
    Your fresh flowers place sounds awesome .. like the places we would buy flowers from while we lived in Holland .. it was absolutely part of our routine to have fresh flowers all the time (such a treat and I was spoiled rotten with them) .. I miss that ...
    Yup .. I thought I better put up a mug shot so people didn't think I was some sort of recluse,
    Which I AM !! haha ...but I know how much I like seeing some one I am talking to as well so you have to cave a little right ? ... Hang in there girl .. you never know how you are going to feel, my thing is day to day .. but I am trying to work up some strength and stamina to actually do some gardening .. so the treadmill and i are trying to make friends ... ugh ! but you do what ya' gotta' DO, right ? LOL
    Take care girl !

  5. Low flowers on the dinner table are perfect, easy conversation and eye candy. I once did that with pincushion proteas ... then kept the arrangement with the dried flowers.

    Snow looks refreshing - we had one day with 32C.


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