Friday, October 27, 2017

The Art of Cleaning sorta


October is a good time for cleaning, not much fun but it has to be done.

I've been neglecting the garden beds all summer for various reasons, that's ok, there's always next year. With chainsaw in hand the cutting begins. Seems to be never ending pruning trees and shrubs and it doesn't seem to matter how much or where the cuts are made it all seems to grow back twice as big. ANYWAY  did I mention art...just wait it's coming. It's so rewarding cleaning up the yard and being outside during these cool Autumn days. Loving this weather !
Cut down all kinds of wild volunteer trees and not done yet,  still has to go to curb.  Oh my English Ivy is growing on this part of the fence also...what a surprise...yuck.

Redoing a bed with fence to keep dogs out of other half of yard. Also laying down thick black plastic to keep ivy from growing back. Will cut out areas on left for a few shrubs/plants...this area is SHADE and hard to keep anything alive.

This is hubby's half (the other half). Only the shrubs down the path have been pruned so far.

This is the remainder of our 15 year old homemade compost bin.  Most has been moved out already. What a mess but lots of good compost to spread around.  Oh, the ART is coming.

Two days of cuttings.


And now the art or should I say "what a surprise" !  This is one panel of our plywood compost bin made about 15 years ago. Can you see what I see?  Looks like a spooky forest, wonder what will come out from behind the trees.  See something different ? Love to hear what you think it looks like.

Closer view minus the fence it's leaning on. ( no editing on photos)

 A few more closer views. Maybe I should keep it. Really is incredible what old plants, dead grass, twigs from various shrubs and invasive ivy will do to plywood after 15 years.

Update on last years redo of front garden beds. Below images are from last year.

And now today. What a difference a year can make !

Just some pretties.


The Kids


  1. I think you should definitely keep the panel from the compost bin, Patsi. It looks like an Impressionist painting of a forest to me. You could attach it to the fence it's standing in front of - it can clearly handle weather and abuse. You're lucky that you can just dump your pruning product at the curb for pick-up - we have to cut ours up to fit in our green bins. Now that our hellish heatwave is mostly over, I've started garden clean-up too - it feels good, although my back may beg to differ on that point.

  2. We have a chipper. Every few weeks I prune, gently, steadily, more. Trying to get the exuberant thugs restrained so the less bolshie have a chance. The ivy, sigh, that I bag up for municipal composting.

  3. Thanks for the Spam notice everyone.

  4. of course you shall keep the panel. One of the best pieces of art I have seen in a while. You can do as Kris writes above, attach it to the fence. Don´t throw it away. If you don´t want it you can probably sell it.

  5. Pat in San Diego31 October, 2017

    Love the panel! Looks like the forest behind Hogwarts in Harry Potter. I also love your pumpkin. The expression matches the straight up stem perfectly.

  6. Definitely keep the panel! It looks like an expensive piece of artwork done by a master! Yes, I can see the forest there. It has an ethereal, magical quality.

  7. Patsi girl I hope you check your blog for comments in January ? LOL
    I love that "art" and it does look like a spooky forest (great minds think alike eh ?) .. keep it and place it some where so the light plays with it .. I think it is amazing !
    Your new arrangement for the front of the house is very pretty ! I like it ... I want to change things up too .. but I am starting with the back garden .. or , I did start last year and left it up in the air so I better FIX that ! haha
    Thanks for stopping by and maybe you might want to start blogging again too ? LOL
    Joy : )


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