Wednesday, July 19, 2017

No Stinky and Whimsy

When fresh from the garden these are not stinky, mild garlicky taste, no after bitter taste, fragrant smell and oh so flavorful !! Once cured,  the taste  and smell get much more intense. So you need to use less.  Hubby grows the vegetables...he's a keeper.

These our ours to keep below. Hubby gave the biggest  away as gifts.
What kind you ask. Here is this years selection from hubby.
Turkish Giant ,Magic, Majestic, German Red,  German White, Mount Hood, Romanian Red, Carpathian, Deerfield, Polish Hardneck, Purple Glazer
Ok some Whimsy.
Oh ,not the planter but the little baby to its right.

Now you can see her. She/he  is so special to me. Come on , how often do you see a Baby Gnome ?


Another sorta whimsy. We've had a flag ( $1.29 at true value )hanging from this lamp post for over a year which did not weather at all BUT I felt it needed my artsy touch. Not so great at painting (acrylic paints) but just felt this was something I had to do to make it feel like home.


  1. Looks great. I don´t have a garden but my friend has. So that´s where I go to get "summer" potatoes. Delicious!

  2. I love garlic and every year think of planting some but haven't yet. Hubby's harvest looks great! Whimsy is always good!

  3. That's a LOT of garlic and you're so good to share. I think you baby gnome is sweet and the plant combination in the pot is too!

  4. I read that you are legally obliged to keep the flag lit up overnight.
    Is that true? Spangled with flowers it does look inviting.


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