Monday, July 10, 2017

In A Vase Monday

Meme hosted by Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden


These Flowers work well together in the garden as well as in a vase. Helenium autumnale or Sneezeweed which I call it, Colorado Yarrow and Nepeta which I have no idea what type. Oh Hummers and bees love the Nepeta.



If it wasn't for the feeders it would be hard to see them as often.




  1. I love helenium - and your vase is beautiful!

  2. Dam I wanted to REPLY to a comment about the catmint and the neighbors cat always eating it BUT I deleted instead and can't remember who commented. Talk about stupid !!!!!

  3. Beautiful hummingbirds! I see them everyday here, they are flowers with wings. Greetings from Argentina!

  4. Anonymous10 July, 2017

    What a gorgeous colour combination Patsi! Love the hummingbird photos too.

  5. Anonymous10 July, 2017

    Yes, the vase itself is gorgeous - such a lovely shape, and it really lends itself to the rounded display that the yarrow creates. Isn't it great to have a vaseful of blooms?!

  6. Anonymous10 July, 2017

    Very lovely flowers. Hummingbirds are little charmers, aren't they?

  7. That case is a lovely foil for those flowers. It almost looks like galvanized metal! I really should grow nepeta in my bright sunny garden, but where would I put it? It's getting crowded out there!

  8. Your vase of flowers looks like an oil painting, it is so perfect, Patsi. We've had to remove the hummingbird feeders because of the bear. Fortunately I see a lot of hummers on the flowers but can never get a picture. P. x


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