Monday, July 31, 2017

In A Vase Monday. Last minute

Meme hosted by Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden

 Hibiscus, so pretty !

But doesn't work well in a vase. Have plenty...hey, gave it a try.


  1. You sell them short, Patsi. They're very pretty flowers. I wish I had some but the only Hibicus I've been able to grow is Hibiscus trionum and it's common name, flower-of-an-hour, tells its story.

  2. Will they not last for long, Patsi? Even the fleeting joy of a day in a vase would be good, particularly if you have plenty, like you say. Thanks for sharing them with us

    1. I can grow the flowers you have, just don’t have room anymore. Hibiscus came from seeds I stole at the local zoo…lots of blooms lasting 2 days maybe. Posted same reply on your post but they tell me I have to sign into wordpress which works funky for me

  3. Such pretty flowers and I think they look nice in a vase, too. We can grow hibiscus here but they don't like our wet winters so they need to be sited under eaves where they can stay drier or grown in pots and put in a dry area for the winter.

  4. Your hibiscus are so immaculate! I have the same one, and they always look a bit beat up. Either the Japanese beetles get at them, or the wind beats them up. But it doesn't stop me from loving them.

  5. Hibiscus blooms fade so quickly even when they're still attached to the plant!


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