Friday, June 23, 2017

Yep , it's summer


Never saw these tall flowers on my unknown succulent plants before. Do I leave them on or cut off ?


Some kind of nepeta  (cat mint) that has been blooming for months now.

Henry waiting for Daddy to come home.


  1. What an elegant little dog!

  2. Hi Patsy, welcome back :) We have summer too.
    Beautiful yellow flowers should be enjoyed :)

  3. Great photos, especially your beautiful dog! Happy summer!

  4. Hey Patsi girl ... sorry I haven't been by sooner ... having a bit of a rotten year .. but I'm sure things will pick up soon (it wants to ! LOL) ... my god Henry is adorable : )
    Plants look beautiful too ! Roses are gorgeous !
    Take care and enjoy the rest of the season girl..(can you get rid of Trump before he ruins your country ? LOL)


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