Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Green Thumb

So every year our Yews and Arborvitaes that divide our property and line up with the driveway need some pruning BUT the last few years it seems the more I cut they more they grow. It was to the point I couldn't even get out of the car without being attacked by a Yew. Haven't been cutting the top just the sides so you would think they wouldn't grow so fast on the sides. This year it has doubled the amount that grew back and getting to be out of control. Wouldn't be so bad if the other side of the yard and back still didn't have to be done...yuck.  Funny cause husband would always say in past years you're  killing the shrubs and trees. I CAN'T KILL shrubs or trees...many many years ago using vegetation killer I tried twice to get rid of a ugly 15 ft tree and the darn thing just keep growing bigger and bigger, finally used the chainsaw.

Oh, Oh ...built this block border for the rose bushes at the base of the lamp post. This was very tricky to do since the ground is about 6 inches higher at the left bottom corner of first picture.. Ok, not so perfect but at least now husband can weedwack  the edge of the block and not the roses.  Had to use medal stakes to support these blocks since they are only a few inches in the ground but this is the look I wanted.

Miss Kai watching only after I stopped using the chainsaw.


  1. That pile of clippings looks very familiar to me! I love to prune; it is my favorite garden chore. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that I don't usually have to deal with the consequences, as my hubby makes them magically disappear! You have given me pause, however. I have a couple of upright yews planted in my arbor garden. Nowhere on the tag did it say they would turn into monsters. Do I really have that to look forward to?

  2. That's a LOT of pruning! Unlike Deb, that's not my favorite garden chore (but then, unlike Deb's spouse, mine is more inclined to help with the trimming than the clean-up). It does provide a sense of accomplishment, even if temporary, though, doesn't it? Ms. Kai is adorable.

  3. So glad you are blogging regularly again, Patsi. Love your roses. Oh, and Miss Kai, of course. P. x

  4. Hi Patsi,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! In response to your question about using vinegar to disinfect garden tools, I know vinegar is a good antibacterial. I don't know how effectively it will kill mold spores. I would have to do some research! Bleach will definitely work, but it can cause your tools to rust and pit if you don't wipe it off completely. Lysol and Pine-sol also work well. I like rubbing alcohol because I don't have to wash it off. Deb

  5. Thanks Deb for all your great info and help.

  6. We have the same problem with our Karley Rose ornamental grass. I love it along the patio, but the more we hack it, the wider it gets! Hubby dug up over half of it, trying to keep it from flopping so much onto the patio. But that only encouraged it get wider still. Argh!

  7. the fallen tree is a well known sight where I live. They cut lots of areas clean of trees :( Not fun!


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