Saturday, May 27, 2017

Seems Like Forever

Seems like forever since I've visited any garden bloggers or could do any posts that might be fun. Just been sooo preoccupied for 5 months with redoing the kitchen, other household projects and at the same time staring into the backyard and telling myself "how the heck can I undo the damage the dogs did to my gardens but mostly it's my neglect". Anyway today is the first day something outside was accomplished . Below are some flowers I couldn't resist taking pictures of but I used a cell phone (yes, a little lazy. lol). Oh, soon there will be posts of outside projects yet to do.

 She looks so innocent when she's sleeping but when there are rabbits in the yard it's another story.


  1. Oh my goodness, redoing your kitchen at this time of year when you really want to be playing outside must be difficult. Glad you have a fearsome rabbit protector to keep you sane.

  2. Hi Patsi, your honeysuckle is so beautiful, as well as your other blooms. Great kudos to you for a kitchen redo! That is a huge accomplishment! I find it difficult to do anything inside when I am out in the garden, and when I am working on the inside, the garden must wait. When my children were young and we had dogs, gardening was an even bigger challenge. We had an English setter whose greatest joy was digging holes. She once completely uprooted a large, mature azalea!

  3. Hey there Lady yourself ! LOL
    Love the flowers and who says you can't take good pictures with your phone eh ?
    We are in the midst of some stormy and clear weather here .. just got a warning for a severe thunderstorm on its way ... but then it is supposed to be clear ... take about menopausal weather ?
    Take care and enjoy the new kitchen !
    Thanks for our birthday wishes : )

  4. Don't they always look innocent when they're sleeping? If we could see their dreams, we'd probably shudder. Best wishes with the kitchen remodel, something I've contemplated for nearly all of the 6 years we've been in our house and can't quite get myself (much less my husband) to commit to tackle. I love your collection of pretty pink petals.

  5. Happy to see you again, Patsi. Your blooms are lovely. I should borrow Kai girl to chase away my rabbits. P. x

  6. A new kitchen becomes the heart of the home - enjoy!

    Using my camera to take a jaundiced look at my garden, I am heading out for some serious pruning this afternoon. Getting ready for the good rain that is promised.

  7. Is that tubular pink flower a type of honeysuckle? It's very pretty!

    1. Honeysuckle Vine-Lonicera sempervirens is what I have on record.


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