Monday, November 21, 2016

In a Vase on Monday

A little bit of Witch Hazel, Burning bush leaves plus Roses.
Since all our leaves haven't dropped yet and not much is blooming,
I figured this would work for my first in a vase post.
It sure will brightened up our unfinished kitchen.

Meme hosted by Cathy at  Rambling in the Garden

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.
                                             Sorry, can't seem to comment at some of your "Blogger" blogs.
                                                       Word press no problem. I'm working on it.


  1. Still can't comment on others Blogspot blogs. Where it says "Comment as: " comes up blank even on my husbands computer, but here I'm signed in as usual...strange. Will try later. Sorry.

  2. Your vase looks on fire, definitely a burning bush effect! Good idea to use witch hazel leaves if you can spare a stem - I have used flowering stems in my vases, but only very parsimoniuously and the same would apply to the leaves as my 'trees' are not yet mature. Thanks so much for joining in and hope to see you again. Have you checked your comments settings? It may be that comments require moderating first and won't appear until they have been approved

  3. The arrangement is very pretty but the dog's cute face looking up at it is priceless! Welcome to the "IaVoM" crowd!

  4. Your first vase is stunning, Patsi. Amazing you have so many blooms this time of year. P. x

  5. That's quite a lovely bouquet! I picked a great one myself, just before our hard freeze. But I miss those flowers already.

  6. Your vase is a cheerful riot of color, a perfect celebration of autumn. Beautiful.


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