Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Repeat Blooms and Time to Relax

PJM Rhododendron blooms only for one week in the spring every year but  now it's been in full bloom for the last 2 weeks. Cool !


Autumn Joy in all areas of the yard just started to loss their vibrant color.


Mushrooms are large and all over the neighborhood. Wonder if that's a bad thing for shrubs and flowers sharing the same beds.

Just relaxing. Montauk daisies, a  little fuzzy aye ?

OK,  tomorrow back to working on the kitchen. Yes, we're doing a makeover and I'm getting pretty good with the circular saw just not the saw dust. Getting a little crazy but what else is new. Enjoy the great weather this week.

Wordless Wednesday-well almost


  1. Makeovers are so rewarding when they're done but oh that dust everywhere...yuk. Your image of the purple rhododendron blooms with the orange butterfly is stunning!

  2. love the artsy daisies. :) Good to have beautiful flowers this time of year :)

  3. Huh, I've never heard of rhodies blooming in the fall! But then again, I had my traditional lilac give me a few blooms this fall. Weird.

  4. Mushrooms of various kinds have been popping up all over my garden for the last month too. I have no idea where they come from!

  5. Hello Patsi girl ! .. Yes I have been MIA ... just too sick to feel up to taking pictures and posting but hopefully the doctors will have some answers and I will be on track with feeling better soon.
    You have no luck with hydrangea ? .. pick the smaller tougher ones ... like "Little Tough Stuff" .. it really is that name .. and it might work out for you.
    You have lots of plants still looking good ... and I like that specialty photo with the blur .. you are very creative girl ... and take a picture of your kitchen so we can see what you have been up to ?
    You have so much energy ... I am jealous ... come up here and help me with my garden clean up ? LOL
    Take care and thanks for missing me : )

  6. Hi Patsi, best wishes on the kitchen makeover! How exciting! I love the photos in this post. Great colors. Great mushrooms!

  7. So lovely, Patsi ... good luck with the kitchen!

  8. I think of the mushrooms as part of the mulch to compost cycle. A happy garden.

  9. Pretty pics, even the blurry one! Hope you post pics of your make over. :-)


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