Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Blooms

Million Bells ( there are other names for these tiny petunias ) which are still happy with temps in the 70 to 80's .

Autumn  Joy sedum has been in bloom since the first week in September. This is one of two in different locations where there is no direct sunlight  and only watered once a week even when the temperatures were in the 90's. I like that !

Caladium, not sure what variety but they also like no direct sun.

Canna Lily my husband just had to have it  since it was only $5  ! He bought it in early August.

Baby girl gnome. Purchased from Amazon. (love  prime)

Just Petunias. Can't ID the cute little red flowers.

Now in late September, who can live without Mums ?  Not me !



Blooms  here are from  about a month ago. False Sunflowers, Knock-out Roses, Petunias, Sneeze Weed, Nepeta , Morning Glories  (volunteer) and various sedums .

My baby Henry with his bully stick.



  1. Still lots of good stuff blooming at your place! Your unidentified flower is a verbena. And I LOVE those morning glories!

  2. Stunning last floral hurrah! Oh Henry, smoking is not good for you and you're so adorable!

  3. You have lots blooming in your garden. My pots are not looking as fresh as yours. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Aren't these cooler temps welcomed now? I love this time of year.

  4. not a gnome fan, but I could cradle-snatch that one ;~)

  5. Love that amazing golden globe that is chrysanthemums.

  6. Pati girl you have some great pots left still ! We just got rid of ours today .. massive clean up of the deck .. all I have left is my rosemary pot which I keep close to try and extend it as long as I can.
    I have a great Garden PA who does so much of the grunt work .. like cutting back our Royal Purple Smoke "tree" ... the real garden clean up will come later at end October .. mid November according to what our weather chooses to dump on us .. heard it is supposed to be a hard winter ... but who knows right ?
    I love your baby girl gnome ! and Henry is adorable ... looking for a light ! hahaha
    Take care and enjoy cooler temps like we are (although today it felt hot while I was working . ugh!)
    Joy : )
    PS .. Those Morning Glories are gorgeous !

  7. the Canna Lily is huge. And so beautiful in full bloom when sun playes in it. We have a lot of them circling our city hall. Marvellous. :)

  8. Your gardens, containers, and photos are delightful, Patsi. Happy Autumn fun friend.

  9. I was going to comment on your fabulous, colorful flowers, but Henry stole the show!

  10. I agree, Henry did steal the show, but your garden looks fantastic!


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