Friday, August 19, 2016

This Morning


Just looking out the kitchen window.


  1. The beautiful birds are only rivaled by your photograph. Talented lady!

  2. you are lucky to have them outside your window. I have only seen them during a trip to Costa Rica and I loved them. :)

    1. A male shows up every April then the female. Our resident female must have lost her babies, we saw no juveniles. Anyway we have 2 males and 2 females chasing each other everyday...a joy to watch.

  3. Well, lucky you! There you are in the comfort of your home, and look at the great photo you got! I spent an hour outside sweating and watching them zooming around, and I managed one mediocre hummingbird image in all that time. I really did not mind. It is so fascinating to watch their combat maneuvers.

  4. Wow! Stunning photography, Patsi. I have hummingbirds too, but never achieved a picture like that. Well done! P. x

  5. I'm in awe of your photographs of these sweet birds. I try but the hummingbirds never cooperate when I tell them where to land and how to pose:)

  6. Those are great pics! We haven't seen hummingbirds in a couple of weeks. I guess they're gone since for a while we were seeing them multiple times a day. Also it's 24 degrees out this morning, so......


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