Monday, July 11, 2016

Little by little


First some photos

Heirloom garlic (if it's heirloom, husband grows it)


Red-tailed  Hawk (in neighbors tree)


Front Yard Project

Before. Done with the dam ivy in this bed ! The other stuff had to go also.



After. Covered with 8mm plastic and mulch on top.(this looks checkered because I used old and new blocks) . Will do the same on other side.

The other side.    Had to stop this project of overdue pruning and block work because I got a joint sprain in my chest(saw heart doctor after being rushed to the ER and the heart is good) . Anyway husband took over. Sad ... now I'm slowly working in the backyard. This stuff will take all summer. That's ok hurry here.


ps sorry if images are not all center...



  1. Take care of yourself and heal. Husband has a good pattern to follow from the other side. He cannot cut down anything that cannot grow back. He's doing a good job.

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    2. Who said husband has anything to do with pruning/design/ He's my muscle man for things I can't physically do.

  2. love your garden. But not your chest sprain. Take care so t will heal in a good way. :)

  3. I always enjoy before and after photos! You were right to get rid of the ivy. English ivy has taken over the woods surrounding my garden, and it is a struggle to keep it out. I hope you recover quickly from your chest sprain. It sounds painful!

  4. Eek, I bet you were frightened! Something similar happened to my son. Hurt his shoulder in a car accident, the pain got so bad that it traveled down into his chest muscles, and he thought he was having a heart attack. Hope you heal quickly so you can return to your garden project.

  5. Loving your makeover! A joint sprain in your chest? Good god, that sounds awful. Take it easy and enjoy your summer, lady!


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