Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ocean City Garden Show


This is just a very small sample of Ocean City's Garden Show.

Nice way to spend an afternoon.


Love what they did with broken pots !



Images below courtesy Miss Kim (Master Gardener)




  1. Looks like a great event!

  2. I like the broken pot arrangements; now I am tempted to break some pots on purpose!

  3. The broken pots really inspired me!

  4. it is likely they break the pots on purpose. I see it often where I live. :)

  5. Hey there Patsi girl ... so sorry about the allergies and heat .. I am totally with you on that (although we don't have bad heat right now ..phew !) but it does put one heck of a damper on gardening. And ? you are working so hard .. you need a break girl ; )
    The broken pot thing is very cool! .. funny what ideas come out of things like that .. we used to used shards from broken pots to line the bottom of containers for air pockets.
    Yes .. Picasa is back so far .. but now I have to find the decent default program to import and do better adjustments with lighting.
    I went out to take a few pictures this morning but it is a gray day and just a few flowering plants trying to stand up to the wind we've been having ..
    I haven't been to a garden show in years .. nice to see this one, thanks !


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