Tuesday, April 12, 2016

They're not mine


Husband grows these Heirloom tomatoes every year.
Yes there is more than he can plant.
Because he expects some not to make it and also he gives plants  away
 once they're harden off and ready to survive outside the small pots.

This is a work of love.

(3 trays deep and 4 shelves high)


  1. That's a lot of tomatoes! We alway plant about a dozen tomatoes, and usually we have only enough for eating, cooking and giveaways to friends. But it would be fun ( and also work!) to have enough for canning and freezing!

  2. He used to can years ago. Now his Dad gets 2 large boxes of Sanmarzanos each summer to make sauce to freeze, Husband does the same. He has many varieties of Heirlooms. BTW our neighbors and friends love us. lol

  3. A lot of tomatoes and a lot of work starting from seed and potting them up several times! I'm just using the last of the frozen tomatoes from last summer and have decided to plant fewer this season!


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