Saturday, April 2, 2016

The first thing that caught my eye this morning



Photinia x fraseri

This is an evergreen and has bright red tips on its leaves in the spring, about half of the color will gradually turn green after a few months but first it  blooms beautiful white flowers which attract butterflies. By the way the red tips last most of the year but aren't as bright. They're  known to grow like trees if not trimmed and do well in zones 7-9. 

We have 3 of them and this one shown is always trimmed. It gets 8 hours full sun and is rarely watered. One of our other red tips is only trimmed on the sides and is 10 feet tall plus the red tips are not as bright (this may be caused by less sun).

These dense healthy shrubs are pretty to look at plus provide needed privacy for us not to mention the birds that enjoy hiding  in them.  The hook in front of this one is for our humming the summer it's one of their hiding places.  


  1. Your photinias are amazing. Red tip photinias once were planted prolifically around here, but they fell out of favor after many were decimated by disease. Your post has given me a new perspective on them. How great that they provide shelter for the hummingbirds.

  2. Hey there Patsi girl !
    You have to tease me with this "out of my grow zone" pretty shrub ?
    It is gorgeous and such a great place for small birds .. thanks about my hellebore .. they are getting their poor little butts kicked with the frost thaw cycle going on and on ... I think my brain has been affected as well (I know what you are thinking just stop that right now ! haha)


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