Sunday, April 24, 2016


Little by little

Hours later

  just looking around 

John's German garlic, weeds and tomato plants hardening off




Break time... need some shade

Oh forgot ...1st hummer in yard yesterday. Woo Hoo !


  1. you are so far already? Much ahead of us.

  2. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get out and work in the garden? You got a lot accomplished. Great to see those hummers! I saw two today in a friend's garden.

  3. Patsi, I've been in the nursery/landscape business for 48 years, I know all about hard work!

  4. How exciting it would be to see hummingbirds!
    But we do get our sunbirds.

  5. back to look at your edging blocks.
    Yours have closed tops? Our terracing blocks make good planters in the openings, to display small treasures - annuals, bulbs, tiny succulents.


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