Monday, April 18, 2016

I got tired

Pulling out vines..Now plastic and later weed cloth to hold the mulch. This is just one section of one bed...much more to do.

Husband hard at work getting out old Holly bush.


  1. Boa tarde, para limpar o belo espaço e manter o mesmo cativante com as lindas flores dá muito trabalho, compreendo o seu cansaço, mas tem que ser.

  2. hard work with a garden :) But it pays off later on.

  3. Hey Patsi girl : )
    I laughed at that bulldog .. he looks hungover.. haha
    Yes .. when you have had a day or days of hard work it really wears on you.
    I haven't been really at it yet but hope to tomorrow .. much to be done and like I said I do it a thousand times in my head before I get to it.
    We are going to put in an irrigation system so some of the watering will be taken care of thankfully ... that is a dreaded job in the summer .. ugh!
    Your garden is going to look great with all this work getting done !
    Joy : )


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