Thursday, March 10, 2016

Too Soon for Blooms ? Need help with Roses.

First pardon the mess but I rarely clean up in the Fall.

Think most of these are opening too soon.




                Now the roses I just cut back.

         What doesn't look right about my trim work

  Feel free to advise. I have more bushes to prune yet.


Now back to the early bloomers.


  1. roses seem happy.
    Sprouting already!

    Now I'm down to 3 potted roses, I simply deadhead with revenge - trying to keep the plants compact and flowerfilled.

  2. Lovely to see all the early spring blooms there! The crocus in the light are so pretty! I especially love hellebore and want to get more for my garden. I've always wanted a witch hazel, too. Lovely scenes - hope you have a nice weekend! xx Karen

  3. I envy you the crocus and budding shrubs and flowers. Here, I have mud, mud and more mud. No buds, no grass. Temps are still in the 40's during the day and freezing overnight. Enjoy your signs of spring!

  4. sorry, can´t help you there :(

  5. Such lovely spring blooms starting early. Here I prune out the dead canes quite severely. And then I cut it back once I see growth, although I am not a great pruner....if your roses grow and flower, then I say you are doing it right! :)

  6. Hi Patsi, lovely to see what is blooming in your garden in spring! The pink flowering tree in the second photo is sooo... pretty! I would love to know what it is... The first photo of the sunkissed croscus is wonderful, too!
    Happy spring gardening!

  7. Love the color of the hellebore! I don't have rose advice; wish I did. But your garden is looking great.

  8. Hello Patsi girl and wow ... you have a lot in bloom and I am jealous .. we have a "winter" storm warning .. lots of frozen icy rain .. more ice than ice apparently .. nice right ? haha
    Your rose ... you did good for height but you have to really cut out dead wood and the very thin stems.
    You have to be a bit brutal to get better results .. to much energy spent on thin stems takes away from the proper thicker stems and dead wood just promotes disease/insects .. do good sharp cuts ... fertilize ... and you will be really good to go ! |Hope that helps .. rake the dead leaves away so when it does rain the plants get rain .. dead leaves block that ... next you will be telling me to get over and help you ... I know !! LOL
    Joy ;-)

    1. Thank you Joy ! Went and looked at images on Bing...not I got it.


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