Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Little Late


Husband and I are a little late starting our plants.

These are all Sanmarzano tomato seedlings.

More to come later.



  1. Hi Patsi. I bought a few seeds yesterday and need to get them started. I hate seed starting indoors mostly because I don't have a good place to do it. I have sunny windows but the cats tend to nip off the shoots as soon at I remove the lids. Oh well, there has to be a way. I just need to be smarter than the cats, right?

  2. Hi Patsi, first, thanks for stopping by my own blog and taking time to leave a comment! Second, Wow! You must have a large veggie garden to have space for all those tomatoes. Do you can, make salsa, freeze, etc.? I have only a small vegetable plot; I usually have about a dozen tomato plants. The tomato is definitely my favorite summer home-grown vegetable!

  3. A bit daunted at the idea of THAT many tomatoes!


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