Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Shepherd's Hook keeping it Straight

So you bought a Shepherd's Hook to hang your plants,a bird feeder or maybe wind chimes.We all have had one in our garden at one time or another BUT there's one problem that always happens. 
They all go cockeyed due to the weight of what your hanging from it, like below.Which drives me Crazy when I see them in someone's yard.
 By the way I like the vase one. (this one doesn't need what I have to show you)


OK, now this is how I keep my shepherds hook straight forever. This needs to be sturdy for our  Bells of Vienna Wind Chimes. The chimes weigh 21 pounds.               

This is what is needed.

  • wrought iron shepherds hook thin or thick(the thick one's have feet)

  • black iron pipe       

  • plastic tubing

  • a pot

  • quick set cement


First drill 3 holes at the bottom of your pot. Then fish through the plastic tubing.


Here is the hook with the feet cut off. Why? Because it will be dropped into the black iron pipe to make it sturdy.

Pour quick set cement into pot making sure the plastic tubing is exposed. When dry cut off excess  plastic tubing to the level of the top of the cement. 



 Cover plastic tube with cloth so the soil doesn't drop in it. Then fill with soil.

Here is the finished product. It was supported to our deck for 4 years and the shepherd's hook still bent over at the top due to the weight. It wasn't located in the best place and looked stupid.                                                             


Yes I said moveable. All you need is a dolly to sit it on and behold you can locate it some place else in the garden just in case  you change your mind and want it elsewhere.
Now what plant or plants do I want in it ? It has to be like a ground cover so the chimes can swing. Still thinking. 

This is the  first one I did years ago.  Here is the original post.



  1. Pardon the alignment of text and a few pics. Relearning blogger is not so easy for me. Thanks for your patience.

  2. What a wonderful idea, Patsi. I have my crooks leaning over fences, but this is better. Maybe we will give it a try in the spring. P. x

  3. Great idea, Patsi. I usually put something very lightweight on the hook because of that very problem. I like your solution. ... You commented on my blog, wanting to know the name of the plant in the last photo. Those are hens and chicks or Sempervivum. They're easy to find. Usually they are green but this particular variety is more burgundy in color, especially in the winter. Take care.

  4. makes me wish I had a garden :)

    re the Öljaren image. It was late afternoon and the image is underexposed :)

  5. What a great idea. I have a bird feeding station, along the same lines as the shepherd's hook but it has four hooks instead of one, it would work well with that too.

  6. I like it! Great plan. Those are always annoying when they aren't straight.


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