Sunday, October 11, 2015


This post is mostly for me so I can retrieve it from other devices. Maybe it will be helpful to you also.

Got rid of malware. Want to know more?
1st if you want ex:"wordpad" , "windows 10" or "photoshop elements" on your pc or any other programs NEVER click on lets say " com" or " com" .
Go directly to their dot com. Same with finding the web site below. You might get malware/virsus like I did.
OK This WORKS.Go to and read to see what you need
then with us Husband found "" (revo uninstaller dot com) which is free.
Oh did I say IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW it has no BS stars under it's website.

It started with this guy then it picked up more malware. Kaspersky and others didn't work.

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