Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Nice and the Invasive

Liking this wishing well.
Montauk  Daisy. Think 4-5 years old. I know your suppose to cut them back around July
so they wouldn't fall over. .Did  I do it ? Nope.

Need to divide this huge plant. Not sure when to do it.


This is all my fault. I didn't stop the ivy traveling across neighbors tree
onto our 2 trees in driveway. It reaches to the ground...this I can cut.

Our wooded fence and neighbors chain link fence.
Got the ivy off of our side. But what about this?

Driveway was ivy free.

As you can see here is more ivy that traveled from the house behind us.
My fault again...just neglect. It's too much for one person to clear.
And dear husband say's "who cares, it's green".
He just doesn't realize the damage it can do and has done.. So INVASIVE !!!
I killed and he removed a most massive about of this wicked weed
growing over and onto our fence in the other half of the yard.


I'm a sucker for these 2 hairy faces. Henry and Kai girl.
Oh, almost forgot...
You can't see very well in this picture but Henry's(left) chest keeps getting green
from the ivy on the ground in back where he likes to play.
IT WON"T WASH OUT. Any help?


  1. Ivy has been a nightmare in my garden for over 30 years! Hugs to happy autumn ... what doesn't get done will be there in spring! :)

  2. The best time to divide Montauk Daisy is in spring when new growth begins, Patsi. I have so many invasives too, especially multiflora rose. It becomes a loosing battle. Your doggies are so cute! Have a great weekend! P. x

  3. Patsi girl you always find a way to crack me up ! Thank you : )
    My son and dil who live in South Carolina talk about an invasive creeper like that ivy that covers anything that can't get away from it .. it is hard to believe how it can just keep going and going like that but it does.
    Your two little cutie pie pups are adorable .. I do see the green on Henry .. has you tried a paste of baking soda ? rubbing it in a few times and rinsing in between ... should be harmless to Henry and it might just work ... let me know if you do try and if it does the trick ? Good luck !
    PS .... I think I will be lucky if I get half ? of it done in the garden ... eeekkk !

    1. Tried the baking soda and now it's more grayish in color. Will try again today. Yes, Virginia Creeper have that too but very little and easier to pull out.

  4. I have no idea how to get green ivy stains out of dog fur but it sure is an interesting look. He looks like he is getting ready for St Patrick's day. We aren't troubled by English ivy here, it doesn't survive our winters. We do have Virginia creeper which is a pest.


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