Thursday, October 22, 2015

Experience Autumn

My Kai girl and me.
Experience Autumn. This may seem like dying but it is really only signs of a new phase of life.


No clue but pretty.

Last of the brush this year.
My Kai girl

Can't forget Henry


  1. Kai is so cute. A perfect cover girl.

  2. OMG ! can those doggie kids get any cuter ?? Kai and Henry are too sweet Patsi girl.
    Hey I think your Autumn bouquet is wonderful ... I swear next year I am going to slow down and make and make a bouquet too !
    It is just such a rally here right now to get things done I don't have the time I wished I did to appreciate everything the way I usually do.
    So you have to appreciate it all for me girl .. OK ?
    My girls would find your too cuties very interesting indeed ! hehehehe
    Take Care !!
    Joy : )

  3. And there you are! :-)
    Two of my favorite things: dogs and fall.


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