Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Carolina Reaper

Fully ripe


  1. Holy CRAP ! Patsi girl now that is one HOT secret weapon you could put in some one's food without them knowing until it was too late ? LMAO !! ... hum ... I think I know a few people I could use that on ... hahaha
    Hey ... the main thing is just take care of yourself ... the garden will be there when you are ready to rip into it !
    Just take it easy ... make plans over winter to amuse yourself ... and then do what ever, when ever, you want .
    Life is too short to add more stress to it.
    Take care (Patsi Girl) hehehehe
    Joy : )

    1. Great advice ! Thanks sweetie.

  2. I don't grow hot peppers -- or eat them. Carolina Reaper looks lethal. P. x

    1. It is !!! No one eats them except crazy kids.


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