Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's Where-1

At the rate I'm going this "What's Where" List
may take all summer. Really... it may be Winter.
All pics are from the first week in June.
You see the memory is not so good so the list should help.
This past spring I almost pulled out plants and not weeds.

#1 Red Tip,Photinia x Fraseri-#2Willow,Dappled'on standard'-#3Montaik Daises-#4Sneezeweed-#5Nepeta,PhotiniaxFraseri-#6Colorado Yarrow-#7Geranium(pink)-#8Threadleaf Daisies-
#9 Obedient Plant(mis manners or vivid)

#7 Weeds-#9 Obedient Plant-#10 Felix Nepeta-
#11 Double Knockout 'Pink Radtko'-
#12 Red Fox Speedwell-#13 Bee Balm

#13 Bee Balm-#14Daylily 'Grapeete'-#15 Knockout dark pink-
#16 Knockout yellow-#17 Agastache 'Golden Jubilee'
#18 Geranium x 'Rozanne'-#19 Burning Bush

#20Double Knockout 'Rosa Radcor'-#21 Nepeta-
#22 False Sunflowers-#23 Daylily 'Stella D'ora'
#24Trumpet Vine(which I can't get rid of) Ivy(neglected and spreading too far)
+Honeysuckle 'Kristins Gold' and 'Pink Lemonade'

 #25 Hibiscus-#26 Arboritaves-# 27Hydrangeas-#28 Weigela-
#29 Penstemon-#30Redbud tree-#31 Ivy



  1. What a great idea, a pictorial 'what's where.' I've only drawn little maps and they are never complete.

    Your Knockout Roses worked into mixed beds are very attractive. The Arborvitae looks good in summer. When its companions lose their leaves, it must be a knockout, too.

  2. Yes, now I can see it! I like "#7 - weeds", ha ha. Sometimes I have the hardest time remembering plant names. Good thing I have most of the labels stashed in a notebook.
    Nice tall hibiscus! Ours has never really done that well. I really love the color of your roses.

  3. Hey there Patsi girl !
    Thanks for pointing out the weeds .. I try to hide mine, snort giggle ... Some day I am going to make diagrams so I know what the heck is what in my gardens .. I keep swapping out and in and forgetting notes so by next years I should be well confused as to what is THAT again ? haha
    You are doing a great job girl !
    PS .. love that terra cotta urn !


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