Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just a few things

Not much of anything new this year except for one big storm that took down 2 of our large trees which has changed the landscape, not sure what to do about that.


  1. Great catch on the squirrel. Little buggers. I'm thinking you might want to plant some new trees. I dread the day I might lose any of mine though mine usually die and not fall.

  2. Thinking about replacing this one large uprooted tree.
    Added pic to post.

  3. Patsi girl that must have been one heck of a storm to rip that poor beautiful tree out like that! .. TB ? absolutely SUCKS (yes pun intended) this year ... SO not interesting at all ... TV sucks in general what can I say .. but to have a series we liked go down hill is making me crabby ? haha
    Hope you are doing well other than that tree thing happening .. love the capture of the squirrel with the tomato .. did he ask for any seasoning to go with it ? hahahaha

  4. Hi Patsi! Sorry to hear about your trees! Well, you might start a new project. The best part of it is exactly what you are doing now - thinking what to do. After that, there are will be hard work! Squirrels eat tomatoes? never thought! They make great mess under our trees with pinecone shells! I hope you are having nice August!

  5. So sorry to hear about the tree loss. That is sad.
    Great pic of that robbing squirrel! :-)

  6. Patsi never knew squirrels liked tomatoes... Will be interested to see how you fix your landscape after losing trees such a shame.


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