Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making more room

A simple project to add more room in our yard.

Husband used 3 stringers to make steps and three 2x10 at 12 feet long pressure treated wood planks.
This created a great place to start up plants, have easy access to my herbs and a place to put most of my left overs, also my extra experiments.


  1. Very clever idea, useful and attractive. I'm loving it.

  2. That is such a GOOD idea. It looks like you can get lots propagated there and it is so cute and neat. I might have to borrow that idea!

  3. That is a great idea Patsi girl ! .. I want to concentrate on heat hardy herbs next year .. enough with whiny plants that need too much attention !
    TB ... this whole season SUCKED !!!! .. I hope they paid attention to the feed back because I can't see it lasting another season with this level and style of writing .. we could do a much better job !
    Joy : )

  4. Patsi great idea! Hum now where could I do something like that?

  5. Hi Patsi!
    This is really a lovely idea!

    1. Hello stranger, nice to hear from you. I can see you are not posting often either. Anyway loving those stuffed animals. Good luck to your sister on her new blog.

      Sorry can't make a comment on your blog matter how clear the letters are for your security it just won't accept them.

  6. This is a great idea. We all need more space and having it easily accessible and easy on the eyes makes it perfect.

  7. Your husband is an excellent carpenter. Very well done. It's now more beautiful.

    Jeavon@pest control gold coast

  8. Patsi, you still hanging in there? Haven't heard from you in so long.
    Hope you're well. Miss you.

  9. Patsi, hope you weathered "Sandy" and that you're safe and relatively dry.

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  11. also hope all goes well with you. Just busy with other things and RL?

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  13. Patsi, hope you're well. Miss you.

  14. Been out of work. Still not working may never get full time(table games supervisor) in the state of NJ yet doing ok. Miss you also. Should do a few posts but my garden is pretty much established. Thanks for thinking of me. Hope you are well also. oxox


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