Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost done for now

Well ...my half of the back yard. Sooo nice to have 99% perennials.
Of course that was the plan :) Lawn is wider that shown. Two pics were pulled together.

What's with the pics ?
Blogger changed. :(


  1. Blogger made some updates. They waited to do it until I was completely comfortable and familiar with the old way.

    If you right click on the photo in the edit mode, you should be able to enlarge (you have choices for size and position - not great, but at least it's a choice).

  2. Thanks. I tried it and I guess it will have to do.
    Don't like not being able to put in my own html ex <img src=.........
    It won't take it for pics.

  3. Your garden looks so lovely!

    Those blackberry lily seeds you gave me have been so successful! I have nice stands this year. So far, the deer are leaving them alone!

  4. Your garden looks so nice! I wish I had planted more perennials in the front yard....a project for next year.

  5. What a great looking back garden. I bet you love spending time there.

  6. Shady and inviting. Your garden has it all.

  7. It's looking lovely!


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