Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Exciting

Well it's spring and almost everything is popping up.
Not much new for this year but it's still exciting seeing the garden come alive.
Started seedlings inside as usual and did some weeding.
Can't wait till I have more time off to really enjoy the garden...soon.

Helleborus 'Royal Heritage ?' one of the few new plants in the garden.


  1. Your spring blooms are beautiful Patsi. The Brunnera is always so pretty with its tiny blue blooms. I really like your Heuchera. Lovely color. I love the picture with the gnome peeking out. LOL! So cute.

  2. Your garden is certainly coming along; looks a bit further than ours here. A friend at work gave us some brunnera plants. I hope I can keep them alive.

  3. Patsi girl !!
    I have meant to get over here to ask you how you like the 4th season of Nurse Jackie .. it is different and I am not sure if I like it.. I was afraid they were going to dump Acolitis (Gloria) .. but now she is working on the floor nursing and there could be some good story lines with her .. and the pregnancy ? O'Hara !! who is the father or was it donor sperm ? and poor Eddie getting a huge shit kicking by Kevin ! Now Kevin has leverage to come home ? and the girls ..
    I don't like Jackie with that longer hair .. she looks awful in it. And the new PR doctor ... he seems "interested" in her
    Your garden is farther ahead than mine .. your plants looking gorgeous .. we had a hard frost last night .. just after yesterday and me transplanting plants from other parts of the garden .. roses ! JEEZ !!!!!!
    True Blood is coming this summer .. I have seen some promos .. the question is what is not staying buried .. some one .. thing .. is coming back up !! eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!

  4. Happy spring to you! Your garden is beautiful in its wake up stage!

  5. Gorgeous photos. I can't believe how far along your hosta is. Maybe now that the sun is shining here, we can catch up. Your garden looks fabulous.

  6. Looks like you're off to a good start! Hope the frosts have finished now.

  7. We have many of the same plants, but you are a far better photographer. Beautiful pictures!


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