Sunday, April 15, 2012


My half of the back yard. Hubby is still doing work on his half.


  1. Well it looks beautiful Patsi. Everything looks so much greener in the spring. Have a wonderful week in the garden.

  2. OK Patsi .. what is the catch ? .. yours is so green and lush it is amazing ! .. Are you expanding your perennial beds or have a renovation in mind ? what is going to happen, is this a before and after shot sequence ? .. aren't I nosy ??? LOL

  3. Very lush and comfy looking.

  4. Well your half is looking great! Love all the trees and shrubs.

  5. Just as well my hubby does not have a garden, as we would not be able to find anyone in his 'jungle' This is why the gardening is all up to me *chuckle*
    Yours looks fabulous.


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