Monday, February 20, 2012

Time to make plans

This is the time to order seeds.
Plan for the spring and summer.
Hmmmm.....working on it.


  1. Patsi seems like it will be an early spring...... planning I haven't started yet but you are making me think.

  2. What a gorgeous picture Patsi! Both of them but I love the one of the hawk? with its back to the camera. I'm wondering if it is excited about spring coming too?

  3. Always love your photos, Patsi ... happy sowing, fun friend. Winter is almost a word of the past ... but let us both enjoy the gift of the present!

  4. Hey Patsi girl ! How are ya' ? .. where the heck is Nurse Jacki and TB ???? LOL
    I have been watching Shameless second season and it is better ... finally ?
    We had next to NO snow for winter here .. it is too damn eerie to believe .. we had a wee winter storm yesterday but not all that much snow really.
    I have made my plant orders .. bought a new bench arbor, a pack of new garden gloves and a nice BIG pot for my new deck clematis Joe Zary .. so I am a happy gardener (let alone renew subscriptions to a couple of garden magazines ? wink wink !)
    What have you been up too girl ??

  5. Hi Patsi, I was very happy to find you'd visited me today. How are you? Both your photos are beautiful... who is "J?"

    I also want to ask about your Minerva post. May I have your e-mail address?

    1. Kathy, did save your e-mail address but Yahoo keeps changing so can't find it...too old for this stuff. J.Seewald is husband.

  6. Hi again Patsi .. the lack of snow is a serious concern actually .. the many lakes that we have are much lower .. and normal ground water levels will be dropped .. it is going to be a drought summer which means a lot of work dragging the hose around !! eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk !

    1. Drats ! Didn't think of that.


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