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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I know it's a mess....

Just love the colors and changes in the gardens.


  1. We cannot stop those leaves from falling. They look so much prettier on the trees. LOL!

  2. I think your "mess" looks very pretty and really looks like fall. We don't have many leaves on the ground here at all. I would like to have some to start up composting

  3. November gold, Patsi. Your garden looks much like mine.

  4. That's why we call autumn fall, isn't it? The leaves fall. Your broad view is lovely.

    You asked about my indoor plants -- they are in a greenhouse, yes. I didn't show the ones in the house.

    Airplane plants are Chlorophytum comosum. You might know them as Spider Plants. I'm in zone 8b, as far south as you can go without going into Florida.

  5. Looks nice to me. We don't rake the leaves!

  6. Autumn leaves remind me of the idea that how fast this year has passed faster than I think. It's good time to reflect my behaviors and memories in this year.

  7. Hi Patsi! It's not a mess!! You have beautiful leaves on the ground. :-) Can you believe it's November 17th today??? How in the world....

  8. What a pretty picture. Your garden looks wonderful.


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