Monday, October 17, 2011

Carpathian bellflower and Mom

"Campanula carpatica is a species of the bellflower, so named as its origin is in the Carpathian Mountains of Europe. It often is called the Carpathian harebell, the Carpathian bellflower or the Tussock bellflower."

Reminds me of Mom. Her parents came from this region in the Ukraine about 1912.
Never met them...they lived in Jersey City N.J. for a few short years before they died.
So hope it's a keeper.


  1. That's an eye catching indigo colour!

  2. Patsi, this is a lovely plant made more special by the wonderful memories it brings... Happy Fall to you.

  3. Well that's a great blue on the flowers!

  4. It is such a pretty color and the connection to your grandparents is ever so special. How sad you never met them. But each time you look at your new bellflower you will think of them. I suspect it will stick around under your capable hands for a long time.

  5. Beautiful rich blue color, and what a good memory of your grandparents!

  6. That's a magnificent blue of that Campanula. I hope it not only survives, but thrives, for you Patsi. Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments.

  7. Plants that remind of us family and friends are always worth a little effort! I hope they thrive in your garden. gail

  8. Gorgeous flowers. It's always nice when a plant has sentimental value.


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