Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thai Basil

Everyone knows Sweet Italian Basil.
BUT have you tried these that I started from seed.
Think I found a new LOVE !!!

Basil Sweet Thai- Anise/Licorice Basil (Bai Horapa)
Savory, spicy, has a well-endowed, clove-like licorice flavor.
Its leaves are deep green, smaller and not as round as Western sweet basil. They grow on purplish stems, topped with pretty, reddish purple flower buds. Both leaves and edible flowers are sweetly perfumed with a mix of a distinctly basil scent and that of anise or licorice.

Basil Thai Magic-Ocimum basilicum
Sweet mild with a hint of anise.
Much like our Western Basil.

Basil Queenette-Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsiflora
One of the most aromatic and flavorful of the Thai Basils.
An essential herb for Vietnamese and Thai cuisine with a complex clove/mint flavor and a distinctive anise aroma.
They grow on purplish stems, topped with very pretty purple flower buds..
It can be used as a vegetable in curries and spicy dishes, releasing its anise flavor.
Leaves are just slightly larger than Sweet Thai.
Or it can be used with Heirloom tomatoes, olive oil and garlic...My favorite !!!!


  1. I didn't realize that basil could be so pretty!

  2. I've got some kind of African basil. It's as pretty as it is tasty. Gorgeous photos or your basil collection, Patsi. I need to try some of these next year!

  3. Patsi I will be trying some Thai basil your looks so good and pretty too.My basil is now going over just when all the tomatoes are ripening.

  4. That Que Thai basil is very neat. Such a pretty flower. I must give it a try next year or even on my windowsill. Love the purple of it!

  5. Good stuff, Patsi ... in many ways, you are my kinda' girl :)

  6. Give me a large cracker, slice of ripe tomato slice, a large fresh basil ;leaf topped with some provlone cheese and I'm a happy man.


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