Tuesday, September 20, 2011

End of season coming up...

At Home
Not too much going on at home. Some summer flowers holding up and some autumn flowers starting to bloom, though.
Temperatures are cooler so far this September...
Last year on this date it was 78 degrees today it's 64...brrr

Obedient Plant 'Vivid' or Physostegia did well this year but my Miss Manners disappeared !

Impatiens and potato plants

Still getting tomatoes !

Scarlet Runner Beans. Gives privacy and Hummers like them.

Out of control Crape Myrtle Whit VIII 'Rhapsody in Pink' -Lagerstroemia indica.
Need to shape it this fall or next spring.
Also have to move that one hosta (bottom left of picture) because it's so big that I'm getting shade where other stuff needs light.

Husbands favorite plants--Knock Out Rose Rosa 'Radrazz'.
He prunes them every couple of days. Myself, did very little pruning this year.

Just some mums.

Sedum spectabile"Brilliant" everywhere.

Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow' sure does spread. One of you girls told me it can be invasive. This plant and others might have to get moved since our mostly shady area got changed to part sun.

Yellow climber still pretty but needs to get moved also.
Really don't feel like moving anything with it being so chilly today...
ok, I'm lazy too.

We now have SKY looking straight out back since 2 neighbor trees were cut down and one pruned last month.
Not sure what impact it will have on my shade plants come next year.
Sure is nice to see white clouds and birds flying by while sitting on our new deck.

Mini vacation
Ok. now just a quick view of our mini vacation.
Three days of it being 90 degrees in Florida then coming home to temps in the 60's...
well you can see why it feels chilly.


  1. Wow! Did you stay in those beds on the beach? That would be an awesome vacation indeed. My Miss Manners did awful too. It was never all that hardy or vigorous so I pulled it all and tossed it. The sky sure is nice.

  2. Vacation good ... garden waning! Happy Autumn, fun friend :)

  3. Your garden is so full of colour... Love the fall time of the year ......... looks like a wonderful vacation spot.

  4. Your mums have a deep colour. Great shots of your flowers! Seems like a dream place for a mini vacation.

  5. I really like the photo of the mums and also the bird in the last image. Now that was a VACATION!

  6. Oooo, what a nice vacation! Too bad you had to come back to 60 degree weather. Your garden looks great....lots blooming!

  7. Love the idea of a mini vaca in Florida. Sounds just lovely.

  8. Hi Patsi! We had drought most of the summer... so even my obedient plant 'vivid' went dormant (I'm hoping). Almost everything in the raised beds have been cut down. Now I'm busy watering and mulching, etc. before it's time to quit! ha.

    (My rain barrels worked great - even 3/8" of water filled them! I'd like more next year - especially if we have extended dry weather like this year!!!)

    Happy Fall! (You had a wonderful vacation, I'm thinking!)

  9. Hi Patsi, sounds like you had a great mini-vacation. Your garden looks great. Our temps are in the 60s too and it feels cool compared to what it's been. I guess fall is inevitable. Sigh.

  10. Patsi, That looks like a wonderful vacation~and your garden looks good. I miss the sky and each yr the trees block more of it~I would love for my back neighbors to take a few out! gail

  11. Hi Patsi! Your garden has a lot of lovely blooms. Knock-out roses are among my favorites. My mistake was to prune one plant pretty hard. It lost its fullness and never recovered.
    Your Florida vacation looks good! Love their lush greenery!


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