Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leaming's Run

Leaming's Run says it's "the largest annual garden in the United States".
Having more than 30 acres and is considered "one of the top twenty gardens
in the East" by Great Gardens of America. Don't know about all that, but we still enjoy visiting there.

It was very relaxing, walking the numerous trails at Leaming's Run,
although it didn't seem to be quite as well kept since our last visit.
Today was in the 80's (yay) so a good time to get out of the house and enjoy nature.
It's a shame temperatures have been in the 90's on my days off keeping me indoors most of the time.
Do try and spend a few hours a week early mornings weeding and evaluating the garden beds, though.

Here's some of what we found:


  1. What fun! Great looking garden. The chickens made me smile, of course. I need to try elephant ears planted in the ground again.

  2. Wow Patsi would I love to be able to visit that place. Great flowers and trails to walk on is always favorites of mine. It has been too hot to garden for certain. Just drains a person. Try to stay cool.

  3. A pretty tour! Are those strawflowers or zinnias surrounding that red castor bean plant? The photo above the mass planting of ferns.

  4. What a luscious place. I love the backdrop of deciduous trees. And the ferns are amazing. I love the Joe Pye in the last photo. No wonder you like going there. Glad the temps have been cooling.

  5. Patsi I oh'ed and ah'ed over each photo as they wandered thru the paths, loved the ferns , loved the tall grasses, loved the wooden bridges, then the veggie garden, the bamboo forest..... fantastic all..thanks for the tour.


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