Friday, August 5, 2011

It's not Dale but...

Can you see them ?
Just got some bottles at Big Lots for $3.50 a piece. Loving glass in the garden.
I know some of you have bottle trees but I'm thinking Dale Chihuly.

Would love to have some of his art in my garden.
But since a simple bowl goes for $5,000. think I'll just have to be creative.


  1. I'm with you Patsi-glass rocks in the garden. I like those two bottles with their wire wrapping. Very creative!

    P.S. The tall white shrubs in my garden are 'Limelight' hydrangeas. They are of the paniculata type and one of the best. The group you saw is actually 3. There are 3 more on the other side of the path in another garden. 'Limelights' are easy to grow in some sun and moist well drained areas. Easy to root too so ask your neighbors for some cuttings soon. I'm sure they'd be happy to share-I know I do.

  2. I love your colored glass in the garden ~ one of my favorite things! Who wouldn't love to have a piece of Dale's work, I wish!

  3. Dear Patsi, I love stores like Big Lots for garden stuff. Well done. P. x

  4. Patsi What a unique an inspiring idea. Love your Chlhuly look alikes. My neighbour has different colured glass globes just sitting on the bark in her flower bed and it looks so good. Big Lots is a great spot for bargains.... Making me think...

  5. Great bottles - that cobalt blue one is glorious!
    Pity we don't have a Big Lots over here or I'd be down there like a shot!

  6. Don't you love it when you can get a bargain and have it look as good as something really expensive? You nailed it with these bottles. Gorgeous!

  7. And creative you most certainly have been.

    Looks great.

  8. I do like those. Very pretty!


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