Sunday, July 31, 2011

Linwood Arboretum

Linwood Arboretum at first glance looked so tiny 'til you start walking around.
They have a large variety of plants/shrubs that would be great for home landscaping.
Many are rare woody plants that I would love to have in my yard.
It was a very hot day so I couldn't check out all the plants close up.
Here is a little tour of their arboretum.


  1. What a wonderful place. I like how the plants are all well-labeled. The Joe Pye in the second to the last photo is a few weeks ahead of mine. Stunning.

  2. Dear Patsi, Thanks so much for the informative tour around this wonderful arboretum. I like the way you showed the label when you photographed some of the plants. Must visit this place on our next trip to Cape May. P. x

  3. It sure is a beautiful place and garden. I love that last saying "Learning is always in bloom." Isn't that SO true of gardening?

  4. Jennifer@threedogsinthe garden
    Patsi, I find that display gardens are always the best places to get ideas. I like the combination of the silver Wormwood and the burgundy leaves of the Ninebark. I'll have to try to remember that color combination.

  5. Patsi, what a treasure this place is! Love the well marked shrubs always good to see what they look like full grown.. Love the wine and grey colour combo too. Find I always learn something from blog land tours...thanks for sharing.


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