Friday, July 8, 2011

Hummer and some current blooms.

This is the same male Hummingbird just looking around.
He spends alot of time here keeping guard on the feeder.
We now have four visitors and just today it looks like one
of the females has taken over this perch.
I'll keep you posted.

New this year the Sunny Knockout Rose-Rosa 'RADsunny'is so pretty but
so far the blooms don't last longer than 2-3 days.

Hydrangeas are starting to take off.

Phlox panicuiata cosmopolitan David Rose seems to be a favorite
of bees and butterflies.

Someone tell me to stop changing my header and back.
Keep trying to be creative making headers and it just doesn't stick !


  1. Beautiful photos. I've done the header thing too. It's just so fun.

  2. Lovely pictures, lovely birds. Nothing wrong changing headers. That is the first thing you see when the blog opens and it is nice to change it once in a while.

  3. I'm always messing with my header, it's fun.
    Love that hummer, we don't seem to have so many this year. I've missed them.
    Still waiting on our hydrangeas and phlox to bloom. Summer is moving along too fast!

  4. Great photos of the hummingbirds, Patsi! I always seem to have trouble taking pictures of birds.
    Your roses and hydrangeas are beautiful. My roses have stopped blooming. :(

  5. You captured some great poses of the hummingbird. I do love your roses and hydrangeas. sigh, deer, deer, me.

    Hope you're having a wonderful summer.

  6. What great shots of the hummer. I love how their colors are so pretty.

  7. I am so impressed by your hummer photos.... That rose is very pretty even if the blooms only last a short time .

  8. Hi Patsi! Your hummer photos are great! Inquiring minds want to know: Is 'David Rose' mildew resistant???

  9. Patsi girl I keep changing my headers too .. we just need changes , right ?
    Love the garden flowers and the little hummer .. they are so sweet !
    Hey .. how do you like TB so far ? I wish they would let Jason go or turn him into the panther already ! and why hasn't Sookie notice that Jason is missing ?? I do LIKE Alcid !! wink wink
    PS .. I still like Eric too .. hehehe

  10. Patsi, I could say stop changing your header... but I like to be creative too so can't say that with conviction. However, I like this one :-)

    Love the hummingbird pics row. What fun they must be to watch! Love that yellow rose, yes pity it doesn’t flower for longer. Do insects enjoy it?

    I always admire hydrangeas but have never had the space to commit to growing them. I do enjoy seeing photos of its blooms in all the different stages. You’ve nice varieties there!

    That phlox though, really sounds a winner – bees and butterflies with flower shapes I love… perfect :-D

  11. How lovely, Patsi. Love your hummer !


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