Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things change

My homemade hypertufa planter in 2009.

Today I'd say it's out of control...kinda cool !

A closer view of the plants.Loving these colors.

Just experimenting painting this old bench. hmmm who else has a blue bench?

Some current blooms.

Monarda didyma-Bee Balm


  1. Patsi girl I meant to come over here a gazillion times .. I worked too hard in the garden on Monday and I am paying for it badly ..
    I love that hypertufa container and all those lush plants that really took off in it ! I want one too! .. and blue in the garden is beautiful .. I have to find some blue ornaments to jazz mine up a bit too : )
    YES !!! how cool is this story line going to be? with TB !! I have a weakness for Eric so I root for him .. but poor Jason ? locked in the freezer ? his panther girlfriend better come back SOON ! haha .. OK .. what Tara/Toni line is that ? haha .. and King ? I guess after you kill the queen you get to be king ? haha
    OK .. Nurse Jackie confused me .. was the last episode telling Kevin to pack his bags after he admitted to the affair after all she has done???
    TOO FUNNY !! Maybe Eddie has a chance ? and I think it is too cute that Zoe has another suitor even though I love Lenny .. it is all a HOOT !
    Joy : )

  2. Your planter looks great!
    We have a purple bench, does that count?

  3. Patsi,

    Huge change on that planter! No blue bench here, we do have a pink double chair in the garden, home made.

  4. Pasti, I love your blue bench, makes a nice splash of color in the garden. The planter is gorgeous.

  5. Your hypertufa planter is awesome, Patsi. I love your blue bench and matching pot. I have a green bench. Yours is really cool.

  6. I've been thinking about doing a hypertufa planter. I've seen demonstrations but have just never done it. I really like yours and the plants seem very happy in it! I like your blue bench it matches the planter nearby.

  7. Kinda' (very) cool! Love the bench. Happy July :)

  8. Patsy, I am loving that blue bench, I have a card in my line with two blue chairs, everyone loves it.

    You should consider turning that shot into a card, it's gorgeous.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Anonymous01 July, 2011

    I love how full your hypertufa planter is looking these days. And that bench is a real focal point with it's new paint color. Nice! :)

    The pics of your plants with water droplets on them are really lovely as well.

  10. Fantastic hypertufa great combo of plants and I am in love with the daylily gorgeous colour. Happy long weekend

  11. Dear Patsi, I remember when you made your hypertufa planter in 'o9, and I am happy to see the follow-up picture. It looks great! You have some beautiful blooms in your garden right now. P. x

  12. I love your planter and I love the blue bench! You have just inspired me....I may have to buy some blue paint now, and I think I can make one of those planters myself out of concrete....

  13. That hypertufa even without the plants is a work of art. No blue bench here but I may have to change that. Such a pretty blue.

  14. Dang, girl. That hypertufa is gorgeous! I love it. And yes, the sedums will work for your project, I'm sure. And I wish I could get a daylily with that deep, purple color. Very nice. Excellent photos.


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