Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer time summer time...

A Day at Home

Golden Ray'Ligularia Twilight'

Geranium x 'Rozanne' violet blue

Some Orchids from hubby.

Wild Poppies

Monarda fistulosa- Bee Balm


Impatiens walleriana





Day Lilies

Celosia or 'Cockscomb'


Tiger Lilies

Little Rascal

Minutes away we spent a few hours with tourists.

There are some hidden parts on the coast where we like to relax.
Still was fun enjoying the great weather.


  1. Your bee balm is gorgeous and I love those day lilies.
    Looks like some fun at the beach (Ocean City, NJ maybe?) We used to vacation at the NJ and Maryland beaches when we lived in PA.

  2. What a riot of colour in the garden.. Shoo the bunny tho he is cute.

  3. Your "Little Rascal" is adorable. Don't you just love how 'Rozanne' mingles and meanders with her neighbors? Your photo of her looks similar to one I just took. Although the beach is nice, I bet you much prefer to be in your garden. :)

  4. I so covet that bee balm. Such a pretty color and it is doing so well! I used to like the reds but have switched to this pretty purple one. Your garden is looking great and the boardwalk even better. It must be warm there? I'm heading to New England and everyone tells me it is c-o-l-d. At least for the southern visitors. We shall see because I'm planning to hit the ocean too. Have a great summer! It's going by way too fast for me.

  5. Hi Patsi, Great color study! I'd not heard of that particular variety of ligularia. Really pretty! Enjoy your vacation!

    PS Although you are kindness personified, I could not get your method of enlarging photos to work. That's okay. Thanks for trying, garden friend!

  6. Hi Patsi. Your Ligularia is so pretty and so is the lilies. Looks like a busy place at that beach and boardwalk.

  7. A blue orchid? Lovely. Your salvia are blooming, I'm waiting. Still waiting on my bee balm also. Lovely images Patsi.


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