Saturday, June 4, 2011

Old and New

Red Penstemon-barbatus 'Coccineus' and other plants waiting
to welcome my summer friends.
Every morning and evening I'm looking through the kitchen window
with high hopes my favorite visitors will arrive.

Still loving my Knockout Roses.

Some plants haven't found a home yet.
That's nothing new for this time of year.

These yellow roses will get moved someday.
Think I said that last year also.

'Morning Dove Cottage' A Gardener and an Artist.
My picture dose not do justice to her wonderful creations.


  1. So many pretty flowers! The birds will arrive soon.

  2. Your roses are doing so well. So many pretty blooms!
    Thank you mentioning me in your post. I'm happy you like your rooster tray and cards.

    Enjoy your Sunday, Patsi!

  3. Your holding area looks like a great container garden!

    I was in the middle of three hummingbirds trying to claim all of the red monarda 'Jacob Cline blooms! They buzzed inches from my face while I gardened. Tiny and cute, but they pack a lot of fury!

  4. I love your photos. Knock Out is really an outstanding rose, isn't it?

  5. Penstemon, roses, a plant holding area, and a rooster make for a mighty fine post!

    I don't have as many plants waiting to go in as you, but my husband did put them all together in one spot the other day.

    I hope your summer is going well. (I'm calling it summer, anyway. If it's in the 90s, then it means summer is here. That's what I have to say!)

  6. All looks June grand, Patsi!

  7. Love your Knockout rose .... Everything is looking like summer has finally arrived.

  8. Hi Patsi, Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I envy your penstemons, they are beautiful! Your knock-out roses, are simply that! Wow, great color! It appears Summer has come to your neck of the woods..we are still rainy and cool :(

  9. I like your plant stand, Patsi...still working slowly on my pots. Knock-Out bloomed beautifully for me too 'til the beetles got to the foliage. Happy Summer! Lynn ;D

  10. I think your holding area should be left as is, it's too pretty!


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