Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Thursday

We finally have hummingbirds everyday. Woo Hoo !


  1. Patsi what a riot of colour in your garden even the shade has a wonderful blend of colour and the rose is just amazing..

  2. Fantastic photos...your garden looks great! How nice to see hummingbirds every day! I saw a couple in the spring but then they never returned...even though I had my feeders out. Hope you manage to capture some good pics of them;-)

  3. A great tour of your garden. That looks like geranium 'Rozanne' ...gets better each year? I moved one this year after I lost one to voles over the winter. Down to only 2. Fortunately, 1 covers a bit of ground!

  4. We have hummingbirds year round here. I say that not to brag because they can be a real nuisance with their territorial dive-bombing. But you can't help but love the little critters. Awesome photos of your garden.

  5. Hi Patsy, Great photos - and Woo Hoo for sure about having the hummingbirds! :-)

    btw: keep an eye on your ajuga. I really like it, but it's very good at spreading quickly!

  6. I was lucky to have hummingbirds stay around all winter. I have two feeders, one being inside overnight so I could swap it for the outside frozen one in the morning. I know the hummers appreciated the extra food.

  7. Love your "Thursday" post! You have veronicas blooming already. Great looking heurcheras, and something for me! Ha ha!

  8. Patsi girl how are ya! .. wow on those veggies, that is amazing how many you have on the go there!
    I love all of the flower shots and wish we had hummers here .. we might, but I haven't seen them yet .. but dragonflies have been visiting and that is nice to see : )
    What do you think the season finale will be for Nurse Jackie ? now she has a partner in crime with her ? .. TB starts on the 26th and I can't wait to see what story lines they come up with !
    Joy : )

  9. Love all your pretty flowers, Patsi! Some I recognize and some I don't. Your garden is looking great!
    Glad to hear you have hummingbirds! Yea!

  10. I would love to see a hummingbird someday. You have some great bloooms just now but I really like your shadier area with those lovely heuchera leaves.

  11. Your garden is beautiful!


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