Friday, May 6, 2011

Shady Friday

Coral Bells-Heuchera x 'Mightnight Rose'
New to my collection of Coral Bells.

Arnold Promise Witch Hazel is starting to give me leaves.
Just hope it's not in too much shade.
This shrub is all new to me, so every season will be a surprise.

Was never crazy about Bleeding Hearts only because come July it looks like mush.
BUT if you put it behind a hosta then it can't be seen when it dies off for the season.

Barrenwort is turning out to be an attractive plant.

Think the Sum and Substance is getting bigger?
Have 4 of these hostas and love them !
Think I should pull out that volunteer tree that's growing behind it.
Seems we have more volunteer trees than weeds on our property.

This is part of Moms garden...Moms love... and a gift from my husbands Mother.

Mother’s Day, Joy for most, and for some: Motherless Daughters and Sons, a group forgotten on this Hallmark Holiday, a day to reflect on the most important person they have lost.


  1. Patsi,
    I know all about those volunteer trees. Spent the afternoon Sunday cutting and pulling them up. Got maybe half of them.

  2. Everything looks good, Patsi.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Patsi great suggestion of hiding the bleeding heart behind the hosta... S&S that is one big hosta!
    Enjoy the weekend, with wonderful memories......

  4. I am with you on the volunteer trees. Drives me crazy! Pecans, wild cherries and oaks grow with abandon here and nothing stops them. Good tip on the bleeding hearts behind the hostas.

    Sorry about your mother. I think Rosemary said it best; enjoy your memories this weekend.

  5. Anonymous07 May, 2011

    That's how I feel on Father's Day Patsi... Have a nice weekend and enjoy your gardening week and the plant sales! :)

  6. Hi Patsi, what a lovely garden you have! I've just been enjoying happy memories of my mother too today. Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  7. Dear Patsi, I love that Heuchera x 'Mightnight Rose'-- it is such a rich color. I've put it on my must-have list. I had a lovely Mothers' Day with my daughter, but my elderly mother is in England, so a phone call had to suffice. P x

  8. As one of the many Motherless daughters I found solice in my garden with a few empty for my "Angel Mother" and one for me. Sweet memories were mine to remember on Mother's Day.May your memories live on in your heart too forever and again next year we shall celebrate. peace and hugs.


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