Sunday, May 22, 2011


Shade Bed REDO !!!
Loving this color without any flowers.
Not sure if all these plants will work in this indirect sun/shade bed but it's worth a try.

First the plants that were moved here.

Christmas Fern

siberian iries

Elke Everblooming Geranium

Aucuba japonica

Now the New !!
Some of these plants were on my 'Add to the Garden ?' list.
Needed more varieties and some winter interest.
I'm feeling some of these may need to be moved further back in this bed,
the 4 hours indirect morning sun may be too much.
Did I say thank you ? These ideas weren't mine but yours.

Foamy Bells-Heucherella'Alabama Sunrise' PPAF

Jack-in-the-Pulpit Arisaema triphyllum

Golden Ray'Ligularia Twilight'

Helleborus 'Royal Heritage'

Heartleaf Bergenia-Bergenia'Rotblum'

Sweet Woodruff. Hoping these plants cover the ground.
Sure is a handsome plant.

Also hoping the Ajugas will spread. Might be too much sun. We'll see !
Ajuga 'Catlin's Giant'

Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow'

Also ...
Witch Hazel-Hamamelis x interm.'Arnold Promise'
Coral Bells-Heuchera x 'Mightnight Rose'
Coral Bells-Heuchera "Creme Brulee"
Coral bells-Heuchera Dolce "Key Lime Pie"
Coral bells-Heuchera Dolce'Peach Melba'


  1. It's looking mighty good. I just want to dig into that great looking soil and I think those plants will do well. I just planted some sweet woodruff this year and I'm with you; I hope it spreads. I started mine by seed and it was so easy. Those heucheras sure do shine.

  2. Your garden redo looks wonderful! I love the colorful foliage and the textures, too.

  3. Anonymous23 May, 2011

    Great choices! I love plants that have interesting foliage, sometimes more than the blooms they produce. :)

  4. Great minds think alike. I just posted about a Redo too. I love your plant choices. The Ligularia is awesome and the Heucherella, ooh, la, la!

  5. So many colours and shapes! Your garden looks very pretty.

  6. Love the color you have going on, Patsi. I have ajuga in my part shade part sun bed and it's spreading like crazy.

  7. Fun, fun! Great plant choices.

  8. It's looking great! I don't think the sweet woodruff or adjugas will have any problems spreading there.

    It's fun finding plants we see on blogs, isn't it? I forgot to tell Grace that I found a pink blooming silene and bought it after seeing it on her blog recently.

  9. I know this is late, but I think that is a Christmas Fern, or Polystichum acrostichoides. The ostrich fern has finer foliage, a lighter color, and is deciduous.

    I love every plant you chose and saw your later shot of this bed...beautiful, like an oil painting.


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